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Luci Lorenzi

"You know full well as I do the value of sisters' affections..."

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Name:Luci Lorenzi
Birthdate:Jul 30

Luciana Violetta Lorenzi, known more commonly as Luci, is the identical twin sister of Daniela "Dani" Lorenzi. They were born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, and have always shared a close bond, since childhood. As the younger twin, Luci has always been extremely different from her older sister, but that never broke the intense bond that came from having once shared a cell with Dani.

While Dani is older, and the driven and fiercely protective one, Luci has always had a flair for the dramatic. As a very young child, she discovered that she loved acting, and while Dani was usually pretending to be a teddy bear doctor, or trying to set up a mock courtroom with stuffed animals and dolls, Luci was the one putting on dramatic plays for the whole family. But as different as they were, the twins loved nothing more than just spending time together, taking turns with who picked what games to play. Of course there were sibling spats, but just like any other loving siblings, Dani and Luci never let that stop their care for one another.

Their older sister, to whom both twins were extremely close, was killed in a car accident at the age of 21, while Dani and Luci were freshmen in high school. The girls handled the loss very differently, Dani becoming a party girl, and Luci, while no where near an innocent, pouring herself into her love of dramatic arts. She scored several roles in various community theater projects, but while cousin Nick's best friend, Maggie Gresham was feeling the call of Broadway, Luci lived and breathed Hollywood.

Graduating high school would see Dani and Luci separated for the first time, when Dani went to college to pursue law, and Luci moving to London to pursue a career in acting. Despite loving the London and her roommate, Harley Rayner, Luci missed Dani and their cousin Nick Matheson more than words could even say.
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Luci spent years in London, trying to break into acting, but it was always difficult for her being so far away from her family. But in the end, when all was said and done, a twist of fate sent her packing her bags back to the US when she landed a role starring opposite Braden Kelly, a recently transplanted Aussie, on a medical drama called NYMD. Luci's character is an ER intern, and, as luck would have it, she's just moved right back to New York, on the heels of Harley's move. She's thrilled to once again be close to her twin, not really having ever gotten used to not having Dani around, and to once again be near the fag to her hag.
Luciana Lorenzi is an original character. Her history and any writings are the property of her writer. Not affiliated with Rachael Leigh Cook, the face used to portray the character. No profit being made. Just lots of fun times. Header photo credit here. Muse and mun are 18+
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